Create Gourmet IBL Units for Prelim PDHPE

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Step by step process

Remove the stress of trying to work things out in little time. Work through my step-by-step IBL unit design process.

Leverage my experience

Benefit from my years of experience and research in this area to create a gourmet unit based on best practices (tried and tested).

Custom made

This course will be developed for you as we progress through the content. Ask me questions and leave comments as we go and I will make videos based on what you need.

I have just completed Dan's HSC PDHPE Programming Course and found it to be really comprehensive, cohesive, rational and inspiring. If you are prepared to put in the time and effort preparing units of work more comprehensively your students will benefit in multiple ways.

- Chris Henry (PDHPE Coordinator)

Join the course and enjoy being organised by having your first Prelim unit of work ready for term 1 next year before the holidays begin. Imagine being free during the holidays knowing that your senior class have a research based series of learning experiences that will set them up for success, not just in Prelim but in their HSC. By joining this course you will develop your skills in unit design and learn how to engage your students in even the more 'boring' of topics. This course will help you to become a knowledgable and likeable teacher, because you will have put in the effort to craft rich and engaging learning for your students for others to see and admire.

I have seen similar courses with less value cost around $267, so at $197 this course has a lot of value, comes with templates, examples and a forum/community to ask questions and get help where and when you need it. Unlike a workshop, where you get access to he presenter for a day, you get access to this course for a full year allowing you to come back, time and time again to review sections and ask questions.

Today is the day to transform your classroom and provide high quality learning experiences for your students.

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What's in the course?


Learn to create gourmet IBL units. The course walks you through the full process from setting goals to hosting a learning showcase. Learn how to:

  • Set authentic and challenging learning goals
  • Create essential questions to drive and focus the learning process
  • Identify appropriate evidence of learning
  • Create success criteria and exemplars that keep your students focused and set them up to become successful self-sufficient learners
  • Design an IBL unit that provides learning experiences that bring this all together through the 5 phases of IBL:
    • Launch
    • Inquiry
    • Prototype
    • Revise
    • Complete

BONUS Course

Creating performance based assessment for Preliminary PDHPE. Create authentic deep dives into the curriculum based on syllabus outcomes and the inquiry unit that you can use as formal assessment tasks in Prelim PDHPE.

If you are not happy with the course, let me know within 30 days of your purchase and I will happily refund your money.


Join this cohort of teachers as we work together to create

Gourmet IBL Units for Prelim PDHPE

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